About PlatDel

We only deliver from the highest quality restaurants.
The result is a taste you can swear by.

We specialize on fast and nutritious food delivery services at a very affordable rates. Our pre-selected menus have your nutrition values at heart and we meticulously selected the menus so that you can build your desired meal every single day of the month.

Your lunch can and always be at the press of a button, How easy is life? Call us today!

Our Story

A group of visionary individuals came together to solve pertinent and immediate need in our economy today. We sought to find out the actual prices of commodities within the CBD and seeked to solve the over price.

Our directors looked into the aspect of you being able to get medically certified food during your working hours, deliver mail from one office to the other as well as getting your groceries at your comfort. All these at the exact price and market value as well as fresh and healthy.

PLAT-DEL was formed from the transport and logistics company, TRANSNORTH PREMIUM LOGISTICS with the aims to meet the needs stipulated thus enriching the economy as we strive to be a fast growing economy in East and Central Africa.

We are a delivery and logistics devision of TNL with the main area of focus if making sure our clientele are well fed with nutritious and healthy meals.

Our core goal is a healthy and a working society. Both our partner restaurants and us are certified on food handling and delivery.

We employ state-of-the-art services in meeting our objectives in acquiring, preservation and preparations of the meals as well as delivery services and response.

Our workforce is well trained in customer relations, hospitality and delivery all in order to meet your convenience, comfort and wow your taste buds.

TRANSNORTH PREMIUM LOGISTICS (TNL) is a transport, delivery and Logistics company envisioning seamless and efficient quality of service on consumer goods. We are reputed to be a leader in the industry championing trans-formative and techno-advanced service render.

We are the mother company to the top leading services; PLAT-DEL, RECS and TNL FRESH.

We make real food by hand, fresh to order.
It’s not the fastest way – it’s the right way.


Our partnered restaurant that prepares your tasty meals have been in operations for the past three (3) years and have higher approval ratings in food processing, preparations and chef on call services. Taste that wallow your buds.

Press & Awards

We have stood before you and you voted us best in all we were nominated for. We promise to deliver and continuous advancement of our services to meet international standards and safety regulations.

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“The meat comes from butcher/slaughter house, the ingredients are locally sourced – no wonder this is the best place to order meals in Nairobi.”


“Plat-del is, in fact, a sumptuous meal delivery when it comes to offering the best food of its kind in Nairobi.”

Office of the ministry of youth and gender

“I don´t remember a single mouthful I didn’t enjoy. Right now if I go to any other meal provider I’ll wish I´d have requested through Plat-del instead.”


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