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Why Kenya needs a structured Agri-logistics

Early February 2020 right before Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, a friend of mine jetted back to Kenya with unlikely business idea and I was not going to let it slide. Well, I am a business man and it is in my nature of turning charcoal into diamond; a meeting was set up. While sipping… continue reading

Food delivery service

Choosing food delivery-5 Vital Factors to Consider

Food delivery business has evolved in recent years. With the current increase and improvement in technology worldwide, restaurants have to look for delivery businesses to partner with to deliver food to customers. Food is essential in a person’s life, and everybody loves food. But the thought of going to eat out could be a bother… continue reading

Online Food Shopping

Online food shopping, described as the business of delivering restaurant meals to homes, is undergoing rapid changes. This is due to the emergence and development of online platforms. Convenience and transparency are the two primary factors that people consider when shopping online via apps and websites. Therefore, they expect the same to apply when it… continue reading