Meal that are sold as a combined menu with chef’s craft with premium ingredients

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Chapati + Beens

Enjoy chapati made with dedication and beans that freshly made and fried to taste.

Hayashi Rice Stew

If you are after a hearty beef dish with Japanese flavours running through it, this hayashi rice stew recipe will have you covered.

Ugali + stew/fried beef + traditional veggies

Special made Ugali from grade 1 flour with fried or stew beef and traditional vegetable side (managu, sagaa, saget/dek/tsisaka, kunde, mrenda, kanzira and malenge/liseebe). Freshly cut tomato side for fried beef.

Kenyan Githeri

Githeri, also called muthere or mutheri, a Kenyan traditional meal of maize and legumes, yellow/red beans of any type mixed  and fried to taste.