PLAT-DEL® is a registered trade mark of the  TRANSNORTH PREMIUM LOGISTICS. We specialize in transport, delivery, and logistical and have streamline food logistics in Kenya.

We offer these solutions through system platforms of websites, mobile applications, as well as integrated database modules linked to delivery channels to ease access to different, produce and meals in Kenya.

Why Us?

We have positioned ourselves to be a leader in logistics to bring in convenience and efficiency. Our platforms are easy to use with a three-page checkout integrated with both mobile and card payment solutions.

Users are able to use E-wallets on all our systems (User, Vendor, delivery) to access our services without the need to ‘necessarily’ have money.


With the availability of a toll-free number, orders can be made thereby enabling non-app or internet users to have access to our services.

Our Mission

To create efficiency, value, convenience, and safe delivery of agri-food products and courier services through an integrated system that connects clients directly to consumers.

Our Vision

To be a premium transport delivery and logistics business that will meet the needs of the growing E-commerce industry across sub-Saharan Africa.

Who are our customers?

Restaurants & Hotels

The small and medium restaurants need a platform to sell homemade meals that do not already fall under the fast foods and are not offered within the existing apps.


With the facilitated delivery structure, we are able to handle multiple deliveries within a specific route.


A vendor space that allows one sell to a vast geographical dispensation. One vendor can sell to a geofence or beyond. The vendors can also buy in bulk the farm produces for their preparation.




With the wallets on each of our rider apps, the riders do have an added source of income and can earn as you work.


Riders are able to accept deliveries within any geofence they are in irrespective of their registration area.



Daily and weekly grocery. Fresh from the farm.

Access to all produces from roots, fruits, seafood, grains, etc on one platform


Schedule your purchase on our user application and let us serve you.